Elite African Professionals. Recruitment and Executive Search Services for Senior Professionals across Africa.

About us

The team at Elite African Professionals has provided recruitment services and career guidance in Africa for almost 15 years. We have worked with start-ups, SME’s and Multinationals across the Region.


Our work has been praised by Government Ministers and Princes, Country Managers and SVP’s across MEA. We ran the biggest career fairs in Africa 4 years in a row and we have found jobs for thousands of locals across Africa and Expats.


We focus on developing careers of senior professionals according to specific requirements. This is done through a long-lasting partnership and spending a significant amount of time understanding candidate and client needs.


We have an enviable database of over 150,000 African candidates and an excellent Pan African client contact network. We provide expertise in African recruitment solutions for our candidates and clients.


We work with some of the most dynamic and exciting companies across the continent.



See www.elitegroup.world for Group information.

Candidates Services

Passive or active job hunting

Passive Job Search

We offer a strategic approach to Professionals wishing to passively search the jobs market.

Many people don’t have time to spend hours searching for a new job. We do the work for you so that you can concentrate on your job and we can concentrate on developing your career.

• We will ask what type company, role and location you want to work in
• We will offer our advice to you
• We keep you informed of suitable opportunities as they arise
• We contact you periodically to make sure we are up to date with your needs

When we find suitable opportunities, we will pass them on to you. If you wish to progress, we will release your CV to the potential employer and start a recruitment process.

There will be NO PRESSURE to have an interview if you are not interested in the job.

Active Job Search

Some people want a more active approach to their job search.

• We ask what type of opportunity you are searching for
• We work with you to long list companies of interest
• We devise a strategy to actively search out new opportunities
• We will approach long-listed companies on your behalf – we will NEVER release your CV to a company without your permission.

When we find suitable opportunities, we will pass them on to you. If you wish to progress, we will release your CV to the potential employer and start a recruitment process.

By using this process, we try to ensure a positive and memorable candidate experience so that we will be your long term career agent.

Client Services

Permanent Recruitment – For mid-career recruitment

Elite has a huge database of professionals with African experience. This allows us to reach across the market quickly and find talented candidates to fit the profile requirements.

Headhunting – for senior appointments

Senior candidates will be sourced from a defined list of target organisations. This process allows us to ‘sell’ the opportunity to selected individuals to entice, engage and Headhunt them.

Candidate Relationships

We have a network of both passive and active candidates. Passive candidates are those who aren’t actively looking and are happy and successful in their current position. They are generally well hidden within their current organisation.

What our clients can expect from us

All candidates will be handpicked based on the skill set and cultural fit that was detailed at briefing stage.
All approaches will be very professional, and all candidates will have given us permission to send their CV to you.
Full interview notes and full CV for each candidate CV submitted for the requirements.
Briefed candidates who know about the job, your company and the benefits of working for you.
Full management of the interview process, briefing and de-briefing the candidates.
We will manage the offer process ensuring salaries are consistent with the industry and that any counter-offers are dealt with effectively.

Our Assessment Process

we will assess candidates
in the following ways

Key strengths and skill set

Experience as it relates to the job description

Career progression

Cultural fit

Leadership style

Developmental areas

Key achievements

Career aspirations

Salary expectations

What we expect from our clients

key ingredients for a successful cooperation

Sufficient time set aside to meet with
and thoroughly brief our consultants

Access to all stakeholders involved
in the interview process

Full salary details of the positions
including all benefits

Signed terms of engagement
before we commence the search

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